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Caffeine may boost long-term memory

Numerous studies have suggested that caffeine has many health benefits. Now, new research suggests that a dose of caffeine after a learning session may help to boost long-term memory. This is according to a study published in the journal Nature Neuroscience.

The research team, led by Daniel Borota of the Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, notes that although previous research has analyzed the effects of caffeine as a cognitive enhancer, whether caffeine can impact long-term memory has not been studied in detail.


To find out, the investigators analyzed 160 participants aged between 18 and 30 years.


On the first day of the study, the participants were shown pictures of different objects and were asked to identify them as "indoor" or "outdoor" items.


Soon after this task, they were randomized to receive either 200 mg of caffeine in the form of a pill, or a placebo tablet.


The next day, the participants were shown the same pictures as well as some new ones. The researchers asked them to identify whether the pictures were "new," "old" or "similar to the original pictures."

Mount Carmel Physician Named
Diversity Champion


Columbus – Mount Carmel Health System is proud to announce that Charles E. Sanders, Jr., MD, FACP, Vice President, Medical Education & Research at Mount Carmel, has been named the Father Basil Anthony Moreau Executive Diversity and Inclusion Champion of the Year by CHE Trinity Health. The award is part of CHE Trinity Health’s 2014 CEO Diversity Champion Awards.

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Women's Health


At Mount Carmel, we offer a full line of healthcare services uniquely designed for women. Whether you're approaching menopause, learning to live with a life-altering diagnosis or just trying to stay as healthy as possible, we have resources, technologies and professionals that you can count on. From the medical and surgical expertise at our four central Ohio hospitals to the services, information and support at our Women's Health Centers, we offer the kind of comfortable, private, expert care you want and need, including

June 01-30, 2014

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